Realtor Advertising

Homes for Sale by Realtor advertising:

Realtors having properties for sale in Lazy River Village, Inc. may submit those properties for online listing on the Lazy River Village website. All Realtor agents must be in good standing with the appropriate licensing authorities and provide proof of license and liability. Lazy River Village, Inc. reserves the right to terminate any advertising from a Realtor agent that falls short or these requirements during their contractual period. There will be a $25 setup fee for all new ads placed on the website and a $15 monthly fee (3-month minimum) to be paid in advance. Please note that these fees are non-refundable. Website For Sale by Realtor ads may include the following:

  • Photos (4 maximum)*
  • Text (75 to 150 words is ideal, though there is no actual limit)
  • Business Card information*
  • Link to MLS or agent website*

*Lazy River Village, Inc. cannot create this content for Realtors. Any creation of photos, business cards, etc. is the sole responsibility of the Realtor and must be submitted via email attachment to