Homes for Sale or Rent

Welcome to listings for homes in Lazy River Village that are available for purchase or lease.

Properties for sale in Lazy River Village are listed by Community Realty Services, our in-house real estate brokerage. Our realtor, Justine Mackie, has a long association with Lazy River and knows the village well. She specializes in property sales in 55+ communities.

Community Realty donates 40% of each commission to Lazy River Village. We recommend you do business through them. You will be adding to the kitty for village improvements with no cost at all to you. A win, win!

Click here for listings and information about Justine’s properties in Lazy River Village.

Some homes are offered for sale by owner. Click here to see those homes.

Owners also provide seasonal and year-round rentals occasionally. Click here to see homes for rent in Lazy River Village.

There may be homes for sale through other venues. Click here to check MLS data in our area using Zillow.

Disclaimer to all interested persons: to the fullest extent of the law, Lazy River Village, Inc. is not liable for the contents of the “Homes for Sale” or “Homes for Rent” lists.  The information has been provided by the owner or their representative. The “Homes for Rent” list is being published simply as an accommodation for the homeowners. Lazy River Village, Inc. has not researched or verified the reported information.  Any implied warranties are specifically disclaimed by, and shall not be imposed on, Lazy River Village, Inc.